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Default Correct figure auto-numbering

Hi forum!
I am a new member that is currently working on my Master's thesis.
I am doing some laboratory work and hence need to add a lot of figures in the document to show the results from my work.

I am using the normal SEQ arabic automatic numbering for my figures and am updating all references and numbering as I go along.

In one page in the document I pressed in 8 smaller figures since they didnt need much space and I was in need to cut down the total amount of pages.
The figures fit and everything worked out nicely until I tried to insert captions for my figures.
Word does not seem to wanna play along with numbering the figures according to the logical system of:
1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8
but opt instead for a more unlogical random numbering system. Sometimes it numbers the figures as
8 7
6 5
4 3
2 1
and sometimes it seems to number the figures based on no logic at all. I was wondering, since the numbering for all other figures in the document seem to be working fine: cant I force number the figures as something and make the autonumbering continue after that perticular page while keeping correct numbering?

I have tried everything I can think of and have placed and replaced the figures and captions many times, and updating the whole document, nothing seems to work. Someone please help!

Thanks / J
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