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Default Office 365 Home is doing my head in!

Hi. I'm looking for some helpful advice from the battle-weary out there...
I run Office 365 Home on my desktop with Windows 11 and on my laptop with Windows 10. I don't know if the different Windows versions is at the root of my problems or not - I'm no computer expert. It all runs fine on Win 10 - straightforward, functionally logical and useful, integrating with Gmail email accounts, and pain-free. However, on my Win 11 desktop it's a complete PITA. I'm hoping to get some advice here on how to resolve things. The problems are:
MS Edge has taken over everything. My preferred default browser is Chrome, which Win 10 seems happy to accede to, but not so Win 11, apparently. When I click on the MS Office Home taskbar icon (the broken 3-D red square) on Win 11 it opens and appears within a specially opened MS Edge page, and everything I then click on in the Office menu opens as a tab in Edge, with no reference to it on the taskbar, whereas when I click the MS Office taskbar icon on Win 10, it opens as a stand-alone page, and when I select a file to open it too opens as a stand-alone page, and its associated programme icon appears on the taskbar. The Win 10 process is easy, logical and I can quickly check what, e.g. Excel, files I have open by hovering over the taskbar icon, and clicking what I want. To do the same thing on Win 11 means opening Edge and hovering over each of the jumble of tabs of all sorts of Office programmes that are open in the hope of locating what I'm looking for. How can I disable MS Edge from automatically stepping in when I click on the MS Office Home icon?
Secondly, I've quite happily used MS Outlook for years for whatever email accounts I may happen to have from time to time. I'm now using 3 Gmail accounts for business and personal emails. However, now when I open Outlook through MS Office Home on Win 11, and it takes me through MS Edge (Grrrr!) to open Outlook, that version of Outlook will only accept the addition of one Gmail account, so I have to use MS Mail as the client for my other 2 Gmail accounts. Meanwhile, Outlook on Win 10 is quite happy to host all 3 Gmail accounts, and as other things, shows as an icon on the taskbar. Again, any help would be greatly appreciated to get all 3 Gmail accounts onto Outlook in Win 11, and out of the grasp of that infernal Edge - or am I just collateral damage in Microsoft's pathetic fight to the death with Google?
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