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Unhappy Auto Correct for languages with accents?

Hi, I'm new to this forum, hope someone can help.

I am using MS Word 2003 in MS Office 2003 on Windows XP. I have SP2 installed.

My default language in Word in English UK. However I type a lot of words in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German.

According to my language settings, I have proofing capability at least in French, Spanish and Italian (ABC 'tick' symbol next to the listed lanaguages in Tools > Language>Set Language).

As I understand it, this means Word has a dictionary file of that language to autocorrect from. But when I type words in those langauges that unambiguously need an accent (ie 'garcon' in French needing a cedilla on the 'c', as opposed to an ambiguous word like 'organise' which cd have an accute accent on the final 'e' or not depending on context / meaning), no accent appears.

It does seem, however, to underline as incorrect otherwise incorrect spellings when the apt language setting is on.

Can anyone put me straight here? Do MS autocorrect dictionaries contain accents or not?

If not, is there a reputable download that will do this work for me? I have been studying the various keyboard workarounds (ALT, keyboard remapping) and they too seem very laborious and don't in any case offer the back up of a spell check.

Making my own autocorrect file for foreign accented words is also possible I know but again, very time-consuming. And since my last comouter broke down I no longer have access to 5 year's worth self-applied autocorrects for accents!
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