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Default Launching MS Word (App?) at terminal or any other way to generate a .docx

Hi there,

I have made a repository of templates and some macros to ensure docs are fine.
Our templates are parent-child associated, meaning anyone can create new templates from the parent template that has bookmarks.

For content, I ended-up with raw .txt files containing basically file data (see below) which I can parse using our internal macros as well as online for external user using server-side scripts. So I did an online template request form with basic data.

But I failed to finalise direct downloading of the file online. Meaning, I need to find a way to launch MS Word on my terminal and run that the "generator" macro that basically parse the txt file and produce a docx.

Currently I am doing this... I made a .batch file that checks a directory for txt files. I receive a notification email with the txt request form which I just save in the directory. My batch opens MS Word and macro is run, the macro parse .txt file, doc is created then send to user using OutLook. Almost a full automated process...

But yeah, there you are, I wish to generate the docx directly online
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