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Okay, I'm now trying to find how to fix this character formatting and stuck again. Here is the portion of my script where I'm replacing what once was an endnote marker/citation number with my superScript number. So how to fix this endnote reference character formatting while keeping the superScript? I've commented out a couple attempts that aren't working. These do remove the endnote reference character style, but show as regular size text when pasted. They look fine in Word still.

' Write Citation number
With rng_sourcesCited
  .Collapse Direction:=wdCollapseEnd
  .InsertAfter txt_citationNumber
  ' How to remove the endnote reference character style?
  ' .Style = wdStyleNormal ' These lose superScript formatting
  ' .CharacterStyle = wdStyleNormal
  .Font.Superscript = True ' Make this text superScript
  .Font.Bold = False ' Ensure the superScript doesn't inherit boldness
End With
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