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Angry Microsoft has deteriorated since Bill Gates’s days.

MS now keeps blocking my Office 365/Outlook Emails! I have already posted this as a question on the forum.
I am an independent journalist; using my usual MS365/Outlook Email, sending the same email article to some 120 publishers globally. But after sending only 2 or 3 to my usual publishers and other journalists abroad, MS blocks me saying “unusual activity” as if I’m sending spam or advertising. Then I cannot get back into that email account. MS keeps suggesting “too much activity” (what? after only 2 or 3 emails?!) and “try again tomorrow.” I've been messing about with this issue for a few weeks now!
For the last few years I find myself getting increasingly annoyed with modern MS products, Windows, Word, Office and Outlook, which I use all the time. They are getting even less intelligent and more messy, awkward, and immature, like children. Years ago I found Windows 2000 Pro/Word Pro the best and infinitely configurable for security and tailored for my use and requirements, with my own toolbars, layouts and text styles etc, and I’m thinking of going back to it. I’d be interested to know anybody’s thoughts on this idea.
What else can I do other than use a non-MS system and provider such as Linux? Friends use Linux and speak very highly of it. What are peoples’ thoughts on this?
Eddie George.
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