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Default Something a bit strange with graphics these days... Unable to get line/arrow horizontal

I'm getting a little exasperated with Word 365 in particular with the graphics.

I have an arrow graphic drawn on a page (table grid lines added for visibility).

When I click on the right snap point to make the arrow horizontal, it snaps to just above the horizontal and I cannot get anything in between:

I have 'Snap object to other objects' turned off.

What other objects are there to control this?

Another issue is when I use the arrow keys to move the arrow. If I press the down arrow it moves slightly down and to the right. If I keep pressing the down arrow, it keeps moving down and right but after a few presses it suddenly jumps a few spaces and continues down and right. This then repeats after another few presses.

The same also happens when I press up too.

Does anyone have any ideas what is going on here?

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