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Default VBA Change to correct Heading style

Hi Macropod, thank you for the updated code. I've run it on my test document this morning. I've attached a before and after document. The code runs ok for clauses 1 and 2 (although at clause 1 the word DEFINITIONS should be bold), then stops at clause 3.1, picks up again for sub levels at 3.4.1, then stops, picks up at clause 4 to 4.1, then stops, all of clause 5 is updated then stops at clause 6 for the rest of the document. Do you think it might be something to do with the unnumbered paragraphs causing the issue - I've checked to make sure all the manual numbering have periods in case that was the issue but they all seem to be there.

BEFORE doc.docx
AFTER doc.docx
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