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Default linking to excel files when both ppt and excel files are in sharepoint

I was hoping to easily link and/or embed excel files into powerpoint while both apps are in sharepoint. However, the process is awkward and not very robust, Perhaps someone has ideas about a process where the following conditions exist:

-- The source excel file and the target powerpoint file are in sharepoint
-- MS 365 controls sync between sharepoint and local versions
-- Several ppt files will be linked to the same excel file (or a selected set of cells)
-- Changes made to the excel file should be automatically updated in all of the ppt files that contain that link to excel
-- Ideally, this should happen while both excel file and ppt files are in sharepoint
-- Or, if the files need to be opened locally in order to create/update the links, all the ppt files should still be updated

The problem is that paste options available in ppt in Sharepoint are not extensive enough to accomplish this. And ensuring that all the ppt files are updated at one time won't work if each file must be brought down locally.

Finally, several members of the team need to perform this work, so working in a shared environment is critical.

Any ideas are most welcome!
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