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Default Strange sorting behaviour in table - wrong level?

I've a two column table. Maybe 20 or so rows.
I've sorted the table by the first column in alphabetic order. It was all fine.

I recently entered some new items in the right position.
Then I did a resort ( to make sure everything was right).
The new items don't appear in the right order. They're identical to some that were there previously ( because I'd copied and pasted them into the right position in column 1). But they appear to be sorting randomly into a lower position. The column is literally running in the order of a,b,c,d,........x,y,z,b.
I can see no visual difference. The column is a list of names and all the other entries follow alphabetic order.
I do note that the table select menu has "select level 1" as an option. And this does seem to select these aberrant entries. So they may be on some mysterious different level. But I can find no method to make them the same level, or explanation as to what these mysterious levels are. They appear to be like a little hidden minefield that only serves to destroy the table's function.
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