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An update:
I have now discovered it happens with anything I place on the desktop; folder, picture, Office Doc, web shortcut, etc.

Whatever it is, if I place it on the desktop and change the name, it behaves like a copy of the original and layers that copy over the original. If I move it, even to another desktop spot, it leaves the original behind. That original now cannot be opened or deleted. However, it will just disappear, if I put another file of the same type on the desktop.

If I do all of this within a new folder on the desktop, there are no problems; except…if I rename that new folder on the desktop then it behaves the same way, as an overlay on the original.

Here, let me take it step by step in pictures:
01 create New Microsoft Word doc.
02 rename it to AndreTen
…see how it now overlays the original.
03 move renamed doc to the left
…now I have the original and the rename side by side
04 attempt to delete original produces the “can’t find”

Only when I create a new word doc does that original disappear.

As I said, this happens with almost anything I place on the desktop.

Funny thing is if I do the rename via Properties this does not happen. Only when I left click and rename.
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