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Default Conversations ignored automatically

Hi everyone,

We have a strange behaviour on one of our user's mailbox: conversation's ignore flag seems to activate automatically and randomly, without any human intervention. With the consequence that those mails are automatically moved to Deleted Items.
We couldn't find any pattern that could help us finding why some conversations become "Ignored" and others not.
We tried many things: resetting Outlook profile, resetting Windows account, swapping computer, disabling outlook on smartphone(s).
It is not a human mismanipulation because the confirmation dialog is not deactivated and nothing comes up when it happens.
We use MFCMAPI to find the concerned conversations.
As workaround, we set the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\x.0\Ou tlook\Options\Conversations -> DWORD: OnGoingActionsExpiration to 1 and created a shortcut on user's desktop with this action: outlook.exe /cleanconvongoingactions

Is there any way to catch exactly when and how a conversation become ignored ? It there some monitoring tool out that I can use for that ?

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