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Hello All,

I'm still can't figure it out.

I try this method but it doesn't printout the results to the word doc.

With .Find
.Text = "Functional Hazard Analysis/System Safety Assessment Summary^p"
.Style = "Heading 1"
.Format = True
.Wrap = wdFindStop
.MatchCase = True
.MatchWholeWord = False
.MatchWildcards = False
.MatchSoundsLike = False
.MatchAllWordForms = False
End With
If .Find.Found = True Then
Set Rng = .Duplicate
Set Rng = Rng.GoTo(What:=wdGoToBookmark, Name:="\HeadingLevel")
Rng.Start = Rng.Paragraphs.First.Range.End
Rng.End = Rng.Paragraphs.Last.Range.Start
End If
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