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Default How create back button that always goes back to prior slide in long series of nonlinear slide jumps?

My students study a large deck of slides.

Some of these slides include one or more jump links that each jump to another slide that could be several slides before or after the slide containing the jump link.

Sometimes, students make multiple non-linear jumps as they dig deeper and deeper into a subject. After completing this multi-slide non-linear study, the student often wants to return back to the first slide in the study.

Is there a way to create a back button in the Master Slide that, when clicked on a slide, would go back to the prior slide in the non-linear study, even when this was not the last slide that was viewed?

By way of example, assume that a student clicked a jump link in each of the following slides that cause this jump sequence: Slide 6 ➡ Slide 32 ➡ Slide 3

PowerPoint does offer a "Return" action button (in a menu accessed by clicking Insert>Shapes) that goes back to the previously viewed slide. But adding this button to the Master Slide will not result in a back button that provides the needed functionality. Specifically, such a back button, if clicked on Slide 3 would indeed go back to Slide 32 in the example above. This is good. But then clicking the back button on Slide 32 would go back to Slide 3, not to Slide 6 which is what is desired.

How can I create a back button in the Master Slide that would go back along a long path of non-linear jumps to the first slide in the jump sequence?
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