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Okay. I could make a copy of the dotm with another name and edit the dotm. However how would change the default? You mention the default location %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates. On my PC it is


Do I need to rename this or change word to look at another default? What I mean is does it have to be called normal.dotm and does it have to be .dotm and not dotx

Don’t understand copy . . . to the address window of Windows File Explorer. What I mean is am i changing a configuration file in word to point to a difrent name?

--- UPDATE ---

Okay. The next thing I find is this. I copy normal to the desktop. I open it change the margins and save it back. I get a message “This will be upgraded to the latest version.” This is a message I would get if I worked on an old document under a previous version of word. Why if this came with MS word 2016?

I copied this back to the windows folder renaming the original first. Now windows can not open the dotm.
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