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Default Formula to indicate RYG based on negative Value

Sample Excel1.xlsx

hi, please look at the sample excel.
I would like to get the result from Col Y - Col AD with indication R Y G respectively.
Col C - Col P are date by week.
Col Q - Col V are date by month.

as long as with row name at Col A is "Proj OH"
that's the row value to indicate R Y G
and it should tally the DATE between (Col Y - Col AD) with (Col C - Col S)

G = there is totally NO negative value on Row Name "Proj OH" in between date
Y = if there is 1 or 2 negative value on Row Name "Proj OH" between Col C - Col P
R = if there is 3 or more negative value on Row Name "Proj OH" between Col C - Col P and negative value on Col Q - Col S.

I have thousands of line every week, and I indicate them line by line.
I hope I can have a formula for me to just copy paste down from Y2 - AD2 until last row.

thanks in advance whoever manage to help me with this.
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