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Default INCLUDEPICTURE for external URLs has stopped working in new Windows word versions (pixel tracking)

I'm using INCLUDEPICTURE to track if my end users have opened the word doc that I've sent them. It's agrees by them so it's all legit.
For each user I create an INCLUDEPICTURE field and a unique URL which is registered on the server when they open the doc and when the picture is being loaded.

All worked well until recently when the picture isn't loaded when the doc is opened.
In Windows, you'll see the `Enable Editing` message and after approval, nothing will happen.

Only when I try to manipulate the doc, like zooming a l lot or changing the layout, then somehow it triggers the picture to load.

More info:
1. I do not use macros
2. In Word Mac it opens well without any issues at all
3. It works in older versions of Word in Windows (like few months ago) but not on the ones from September, like these: Version 2108 (Build 14326.20404) or Version 2108 (Build 14326.20348) or Version 2108 (Build 14326.20238)
4. Attaching a word with external link to Austin powers meme for you to see (link to the image is
5. I have followed the pinned guide here and nothing help since it's never about external links but rather to local files
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