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Default OneNote read only

Hello, everyone,

I would like to create a OneNote file that I want to share with colleagues, but that they should only be able to read the file or the content.

I have already tried together with a colleague and shared this OneNote file with him with the "can display" option. He has now opened this file and can, however, also edit the content there, only with the restriction that the file is not synchronized with mine. But I want nobody to be able to edit anything and that the content can only be edited by me.

Is that possible with OneNote? I have already tried to provide the file as HTML. However, this is also not practical, since all pages and sections are simply displayed one below the other.

Greetings Björn

P.s .: How can I delete the sharing with my colleague? If I click on "Remove user", nothing happens and my colleague is still listed under Shares.
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