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Default Picture Control help needed

I'm looking for some advice on using a series of Picture Controls in a template my office uses to make a photo log of a project. They used to just place and crop photos, but they weren't very consistently sized or centered in the cells of the table.

But, sometimes there are up to a hundred photos in one of these reports. I started by placing two photo controls on the first page, then copying the entire contents of the page to create more pages. But sometimes the little icon doesn't appear in the photo control when it's been copied. One of the managers went to use the report template and said it didn't work. You could still right mouse click and choose "change picture" but couldn't just click in the blue box, as it were. I'm attaching a visual.

Would I have to build a template by manually inserting 100 separate picture controls? Or is there a way to reset them?

Also, in many cases the engineers want to insert the photos then subsequently crop them to focus on a specific aspect rather than a wide shot. I was hoping there was an aspect of the Photo Control that would make for easy cropping but keeping the horizontal-vertical proportions the same. This doesn't seem to be the case.

I've been playing with various settings and I wish I could find tips on getting the photo to always center within the cell correctly (you can see on the screenshot that the table doesn't have consistent rows and columns). I'd be tempted to redo this for PowerPoint or another program, but was hoping Picture Controls would make it easier.

Thanks for any advice.

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