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Default Convert text to footnotes based on reference number

Good afternoon,

I'm hoping someone can assist, or at least point me to the best resource to figure this out myself.

I'm working on a manuscript, which unfortunately has all the footnote references just as plain text (all 500 of them). All the footnotes are at the end of the manuscript, and just to make things harder, the numbering restarts for each chapter.

So far, I have managed to utilise wildcard searches and SEQ Mylist to renumber the references sequentially. Their format is as: (1) (2) etc. I used:

Wildcard search: ([\(])([0-9]{1,2})([\)])

Then replace with ^c after copying the first SEQ Mylist field.

That worked a treat, so now Iím able to select and manipulate the references, turning them into superscript, or applying a style.

I now need to select (probably using cut rather than copy) the references from the bottom of the document, and then insert them as footnotes in the relevant places. I figure the entire footnote can be selected using the wildcard search ([\(])([0-9]{1,2})([\)])*^13 Ö in order to select from the footnote number (e.g (1)) to the end of the paragraph.

Now for the tricky bit: how do I automate that search, cut, search again and paste as footnote? Would it be better to split the footnotes out into a different documents? Iím not that well-versed in VBA, and my cursory googling hasnít yielded any results. Perhaps this should be done with a macro instead?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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