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Default Weird graphical glitches in ms word

They've been manifesting for the past week. Manifestations are wide-ranging, but take one of the following forms:

-Most commonly, punctuation marks or the last character of a word will occasionally be invisible or partially invisible onscreen. This rememdies itself after I type another character.

-Also commonly, lines of text from other parts of the document temporarily manifest on the line I am editing.

-Less commonly, paragraphs will sometimes change font.

-The "save" button on the top left corner of the document will sometimes appear overlapping the "undo/redo" button when I click "save."

-Other minor nuisances.

-Glitches occur regardless of whether I'm in an old document or have opened a new one.

I scanned for a virus with AVG. Scans uncovered a malware file, in addition to four PUP files associated with Microsoft Word. These were addressed without issue, but the graphical glitches still occur. What the hell is going on? I have important word files I cannot afford to lose, are they somehow corrupt? Is my version of Microsoft Word (2019) becoming unstable?
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