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Anyone else who knows and can help? I don't like the date format and want to only show year and week - but I cannot work it out. Maybe it cannot be done?

Originally Posted by anetteqqq View Post
I'm completely noob - but google helps a lot. I want to have the week number of the dates of Start Date, Finish Date and Deadline. This formula seems to work for Start Date, but the other colums show incorrect weeks.

Anyone kind who can help me;

1) make the formulas become correct - show correct week numbers?

2). Explain how the formulas work - their components, maybe then I can work it out myself.....

For example, what does the numbers between [Finish], [Start], etc, mean?

"Week " & CStr(1+datediff("w";"1/1/20" & mid(Year([Finish]);3;2);[Finish]))

"Week " & CStr(1+datediff("w";"1/1/20" & mid(Year([Start]);3);[Start]))

"Week " & CStr(1+datediff("w";"1/1/20" & mid(Year([Deadline]);3);[Deadline]))

Also taking into concideration that weeks start counting from first 4-day week.

Thank you kindly
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