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Originally Posted by ProjectPlanner View Post
Replace the semi-colons with a comma, so that the formula for finish is "Week " & CStr(1+datediff("w","1/1/20" & mid(Year([Finish]),3,2);[Finish]))


mid(Year([Finish]),3,2) = extracts 2 characters from the year of the finish date starting at the 3rd character. E.g. for "04-Jun-21", year is 2021 and the formula extracts 21.

The 21 from above is then joined to "1/1/20" to form "1/1/2021".

Thank you.
Why only "," on the FINISH formula? Should be on START and DEADLINE too?

The same logic of "mid(Year([Finish]),3,2);[Finish])" is same for START and DEADLINE?

I guess you don't know how to accommodate to make the weeks correct? Year starting with first four day week....etc.

Thanks again
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