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Talking Export to Video question

Hi Friends...

I have this presentation, it runs some animations on each slide (plays an audio file) and then progresses to the next slide automatically.

I have, in the transition setting of each slide, the time for progressing set to something like 5 seconds.

When I run the presentation it works perfectly. The audio plays, and then when it finishes progresses to the next slide.

However, when I export to video, it progresses to the next slide after just a few seconds and cuts the audio short.

How can I overcome this and make sure that the video as well will play the entire audio without progressing to the next slide?

Thank You all


PS I make short presentations and distribute them to friends. I don't want them to have run them from PowerPoint. Just to click and run... I am starting to realize that the export to video in PP is not very smart. Any better ways to export to video


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