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Originally Posted by ketanco View Post
No I mean the universal formula for work.

Work = duration x assigned number of units to the task.

Assigned units can be as 5 men, 6 trucks,

so the work then will be man hours or truck hours etc.....
but why does MS project display it as hours only....
hour is duration. Work is not duration. it is how long certain amount of resource worked for it = duration x assigned units
I am sorry I thought this was a question about MS Project and how it calculates work. I see it is more of a general philosophical point. So in your calculation when you apply 4 people to the task are you assigning them full time or part time? You can't answer this with "well if they were half time it would only be 2 people" as you need to communicate exactly who needs to be working on the task. Hence you need to be able to mark the resources A, B, C and D as 50% of their time. This is what MSP is doing with the allocation of resources (who are assumed to be full time unless marked with a % allocation)
I hope this helps but if this is more of a "MS did it wrong" type comment I suspect it won't.
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