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Default email as pdf attachment - subject line and attachment named after mail merge

Hello everyone.

I am doing a mail merge from an excel file into Word 2007 to email as a PDF attchment using Acrobat 9 Pro into Outlook 2007. My objective:

To email as pdf attachment with subject line and attachment named from a field within word.

After I run the mail merge within Word, (I stop at step 5 of 6 within the MS wizard) I click, "Send>Email as PDF Attachment". Wait for Outlook 2007 to give the email window to send it out.

What shows up in the subject line and the attachment name is the original file name (lets call the file name "contract template"). What I want is a specific name for the subject line and attachment file name.

I have mailing addresses I'm sending to. So in the Word file there is an address of "123 Mainstreet Hollywood CA 90210". I want the subject line and attachment name to be "123 Mainstreet Hollywood CA 90210". Why isn't it doing it?

My 2 friends are doing it successful everyday.

Can someone please help as it's vital to my business?

Thanks in advance!
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