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Default Presenter View - defaulting to window not full screen

Is there a way to get 'Presenter View' to always open a scaled window and not in full screen ?

I am running PowerPoint 2019 on Windows PCs with two monitors. I use Presenter View. Have PowerPoint started and my presentation loaded and ready, with the initial main/design screen in a 70% size "window".

When I start the 'Slideshow', the "Presenter View" always opens in Full Screen.
...I can click the double box to make it a 'window', then manually reduce the size down to about 70% of the screen as wanted.

Thus, I end up with three PowerPoint screens... the initial design screen, the presenter view, and the slide-show output.

Note: going to Slideshow Setup and selecting 'Browsed by Individual Window' does not address this matter but does other things.

Question is: is there a way to get the "Presenter View" to always open in a scaled 'window' and not open in 'full screen' ?
...and a way for it remember the size (ie: 70%) ?


- running on Windows 10 Pro 64bit
- with Office 2019
- PC system has 2 monitors
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