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I got to because somebody on MSAnswersNL told me there was a solution here... yours. When your solution did not work (as I have described) I asked for help with it. Instead of helping with the question I asked (how can I perform the actions your described years ago, when Windows won't allow me to?), you responded with a question about my actual issue (did I re-install Office - which has nothing to do with my question to you). So I answered that and elaborated, because otherwise you would ask me one by one if I tried this or than (most of which I have), and thinking that it couldn't hurt to have another iron in the fire - especially one with a readership beyond the Netherlands. For the same reason and because I am not getting any solutions here or on MS Answers NL I have also posted on MS Answers US. I am not complaining, just casting my net wider to reach more people.

I have at least indicated that I have at least read many posts on MSAnswers, so it stands to reason that I asked the question there first (which got me sent to your post on in the first place). So I am not sure why I needed the cross posting guideline... twice. Didn't you just needlessly cross post by copying and pasting your post to MSAnswers US? :-) Since nobody seems to know (or at least isn't giving me) the answer (yet), cross posting seems to be indicated.

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