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It's really silly that I am so obsessed with this. I know the amount of time I will save getting this to work is probably not ever going to equal the amount of time I have put into it (probably 8 hours or more so far).

But I want to learn and understand!

From reading Gregory Maxey's website I am starting to think my version of Office (2007) can't do it. He says the only way to use variable content without VBA code is to use the legacy Drop Down Form Fields. It has a checkbox "Calculate on Exit", so I was thinking this would fix the drop down selection and allow me to use it in the next formula.

But when I created this type of drop down cell I can't get it to be a drop down form. Per his notes- "Documents containing formfields “MUST” have editing restriction (protection) applied to enable the formfields."

I go to "Protect Document" and the editing restrictions (and everything else) are greyed out. Apparently I am not allowed to protect my documents...

It's late, I will attach the DOTM to a post tomorrow.

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