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Nothing I did worked. Used the format you suggested and it returned "0". Made a few modifications, never did anything except returning zero.

So rather than keep pursuing that I decided to merge the tables so I did not have to refer to a cell outside the table.

Tried to use-

{=if(d2="Free","NA",if(c10>499.99,10.95,IF(c10>199 .99,7.95,4.95)))}

Where d2 was the cell with the shipping drop down menu. Syntax error.

No amount of playing with the format worked as expected. I tried to use the tag as a label (the content control has the tag "Shipping"), it didn't help.

{=if({Shipping}= "Free" "NA" {if(c10<200,4.95,{=if(c10<500,7.95,10.95)})}}

This formula doesn't show anything as a result, but at least it is not a syntax error.

I added a bookmark to the cell d2 (Ship)

{if({Ship}= "Free" "NA" {if(c10<200,4.95,{=if(c10<500,7.95,10.95)})}}

Syntax error.

{if({ref Ship}= "Free" "NA" {if(c10<200,4.95,{=if(c10<500,7.95,10.95)})}}

Syntax error.

I can bookmark the whole cell but I can't bookmark just the controlled content part, it is greyed out when I click "Insert bookmark" (with the dropdown box selected).

I must be making a fundamental mistake but can't figure out what it is.

Also when I am reading your tutorial document it comes up as Compatibility mode for me and all the internal links do not function. Also the MS KB211253 linked in the doc is no longer available.

Please help, I'm really not grokking this.

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