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Default Using tables to format pages

Using the latest version of Word, I am trying to format a 28 page programme of events document as a booklet.

20 of the pages will be an identical layout but with different information added.

I have been trying for a couple of days now using tables but the formatting is all over the place.

Having set up a template table, please see the attached image, I copy and paste the table into my document.

However, sometimes I cannot see the top cell with the date in. That one cell actually goes behind the top cell of the table on the previous page!

Also, sometimes I cannot position the table because "position" is greyed out in table properties.

And again, only sometimes, the table is well over to the right and cannot be moved any way I try. I have to delete it and try again.

My question is, are tables the answer? Or am I going about this completely the wrong way and if so what is the alternative?

If this is the right way to do it, what am I doing wrong to make it so difficult to place 20 tables (20 pages) into my document so they all have the same dimensions and each table is positioned in exactly the same place on each page.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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