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Angry Publisher saves to PDF in incorrect format

I create training manuals in MS Publisher and save them in PDF format. For all but one, the 'save as PDF' command works well and the resultant PDF is in image and text format combined (not sure what the technical description is). In other words, the resultant PDF file displays the images and text correctly and, most importantly, the text is searchable.

For just one file, the 'save to PDF' command results in a PDF which is solely an image file. It is 30mb instead of c. 3mb as for all the other PDF files and the text is simply an image and is therefore not searchable and there is no text functionality at all, such as spell check or 'read-aloud'. The large file size due to it's being a succession of images and absence of text functionality are the problem.

I suspect that the problem is to do with an unsupported text font in the PDF print driver but I've not found a way to force the PDF save process to save in image *and* text format using substitute font/s rather than to save in image format alone.

Does anyone have any ideas how I could get over this? Thanks in advance.
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