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Default Office 2016 64 bit to Office365 64 bit breaks my Visual Studio app

I have recently been compelled at work to upgrade from Office 2016 64 bit to Office365 64 bit. I am running Win10 64 bit OS. I have an MSAccess database back end on my company LAN which was made with 32 bit Access. With the upgrade to 64 bit Office365 I can no longer connect to my Access DB backend with the Visual Studio 2017 app that was done with VB. The distributable runtime that was working (Access 2010 32 bit) now no longer allows my application to connect to the back end file. I get the Microsoft ACE.OLEDB.12.0 is not registered on this machine error.

I have read a lot on the internet about the couple of ways to solve this - but each time I install the downloaded 64 bit Access runtime (2010 or 2016) it makes no difference and produces that same "not registered on this machine" error message.

When my Office 2016 64 bit was installed my Visual Studio app had no problem connecting to the back end file! Office365 64 bit throws the error - effectively disabling my ability to use the database app that was working fine! I need more information than go to Microsoft and download the 64 bit distributable runtime - or download the 32 bit runtime since that won't even install on this Office365 64 bit machine.

Please someone to help so all of the time I spent crafting my application in Visual Studio and getting it running isn't wasted. *BTW, I tried recompiling the app to use the x86 processor architecture as one poster on the net advised.

Thanks in advance.
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