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Default Multiple referencing confusion


I'm trying to do references for a report, and I've encountered two problems.

1. Sometimes I want to quote the same reference more than once in different parts of the document. I can't seem to be able to do this without creating a new reference. im not sure if that made sense at all given that i'm knackered from battling my disseration so im going to give an example:

'blah blah blah solar cells blah (reference 1). Talk a bit more about something else (reference 2), back to talking about the same thing as before (reference 1)'

Except that reference 1 becomes reference 3, no matter how hard I try to make them both reference 1!

2. The references are awfully small and difficult to notice. We get marked on having lots of references so I'd rather they were a little larger, and in a bold type face and read something along the lines of [1] rather than ^1 , where the ^ denotes superscript, and the 1 is in font size 8 or something teeny. I would quite like to make them purple and bold. Any way of going about this.

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