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The issue is not dependent on the transfer of a document into a WSWYG editor it is that Word does not include the option to produce a table that has the reccomended coding to enable a person who has to live with visual and other problems. In short Word does not comply with WCAG 2.1

What is needed is some code that identifes a table as containg data. I can request that my parish clerks who use Word to provide minutes and agendas for government meetings add a top line to their Word produced tables. I could for example copy and paste to Notepad++ and then add the code example:
<td>12 February</td>
<td>Waltz with Strauss</td>
<td>Main Hall</td>

At present parish clerks that I deal with do not even create a heading row for their tables.
Now I can do that but it is time consuming and I would need to charge for my time.

Alterntively, I could request that clerks add a header row for all tables
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