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Default WCAG 2.1 accessible issue Word table

Hi I suppose its obvious that most people are using Word to create content for their website. That content is copied and pasted into their WSWG editor. From my experience I have published articles with few troubles.

At present those who do work for parish councils have to ensure their websites are accessible and meet the guidlines as set out WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidlines). I am trying to ensure that any tables on my websites conform to the guidelines. The few tables that might be used for layout need to have role="presentation". Other tables should have a header and this means adding th statements. Tables need a header to conform to the WCAG. The trouble is that Word provides a solution, I think, in Table Tools>Layout>repeat Header Rows. An existing table needs a blank line above and descriptive labels added to each of the cells in that row. the Repeat Header Rows button is selected and I think that has done the job. Can anyone confirm that this is a suitable way to make tables accessible?

I have added a header using the description for using Word and run the page through WAVE site. It was marked as a Layout Table!

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