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Default Desperatly need help in trigger animations

Hello everyone !
ok here is the problem. I wanted to create an illusion of 3D rotation by adding pictures of an object shot at different angles and then animating them to appear one after the other so that it looks like the object is rotating. I accomplished that successfully. To add a bit of pizzazz, i thought of adding 2 rotation buttons in the slide and give them triggers.
now here is the problem !!
suppose the way pictures appear to give 3D effect are picture-1,2,3,4.
now I am on picture-1 ad i Trigger rotation button-1 to move to picture 2 then picture 3 and then picture 4on consequetive mouse clicks. then i trigger rotation button-2 to move the pictures backward from picture 4 to picture 3 to picture 2 to finally picture 1. all works fine if i press the rotation button-1 4 times then rotation button-2 4 times. however if i alter the sequence then they don't function the way they are supposed to. so how do i add buttons in powerpoint so that whenever i press button-1 it moves to the next picture from whatever is on the screen and whenever i press button-2 it moves to the previous picture from whatever is on the screen ??

please help !!
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