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Default Deleting the 'NOTE' title with Endnotes

This is my first post.
Did a search of the Word thread with no luck.
I have an eight chapter book and have placed all my endnotes at "End of Document."

I set up a Heading 1 Heading so that it can be navigitable and have a heading for each chapter's notes within the endnotes that is not formatted for the TOC, but that is not a problem.
I am not macro-savvy, so I'm kindof fumbling in the dark here.
Below my Heading 1 "Chapter Notes" at the start of the endnotes, the endnotes have inserted by default the "NOTE" header. I deleted the separator line some time back, but when I go to View > Draft and Show Notes, I cannot access this title.
Is there another way, without diving into Macros that I can scrub this default title?
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