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Default Outlook 365 mail boxes will not keep sort

We have just moved our email to use Office 365, that means we use email via a browser on This is a corporate wide installation.

Under the Gear box icon, the Compact View is chosen, and under Conversation View, Newest Messages On Bottom is chosen.

I work from home so I use MS Remote Desktop to get access to my work PC, which has Office 365 installed on it.

Some solutions mentioned using the View menu. I do not have a view menu nor do I have column headers to sort messages. Screenshot below.

I have set my inbox to sort by oldest messages first via Filter, Sort, Oldest First, but also by clicking the Gear at the top of the screen, and finding the sort option to sort by Oldest Messages First.

I noticed that the Outlook app sometimes does a complete refresh of the browser page/screen. When the screen refreshes the sort is changed to "newest messages first" even though under Filter, Sort it says "Oldest messages first". This also happens when I do a manual reload on the browser page by clicking the browser reload button.

This happens on every mailbox folder I create also. Outlook will not save my settings for for any type of mail box folder, not Inbox, not Deleted Items, not Sent Items, nor email folders I create.

Could this be a permissions problem? Or is it just a bug?

Is there a fix for this?

Thank you!
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