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Default Cursor Jumps Above Table When Entering Text Into Cell

I am trying to make flash cards, using Word 2007.

With the page in landscape orientation, there are four cells for the card text, each row consisting of two 3"x 5"cells

I print one page for the fronts of the flash cards, and a second page for the backs of the flash cards. It was working great, and I have made lots of flash cards...until a couple of hours ago, when something has changed.

Now, when I try to type something in the first cell (upper, left cell), the cursor immediately jump up above the entire table, splitting the whole page into two separate pages, with each page now showing only one row of two cells. The cells, themselves don't change size, but the whole table splits in half and the cursor is no longer even in the table.

One other clue as to what might be wrong: It only does it when trying to enter text into the upper-left cell, but not when entering text into any of the other three cells.

I have gone to 'Table Properties' and set the cell properties to be constrained exactly 3" in height, as well as clearing the options to "automatically resize to fits contents" and "allow row to break across pages," all to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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