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Default Personal Vault and One One Drive and OneNote

Today I learned, ober. I just want to say at the start that I would personally not want to use this app if that is possible. If that is a possibility just tell me how to accomplish that and we're done bcause I'm beginning to feel that it has somehow interferred with OneNote. I posted yesterday I can't get OneNote to sync over all my devices. One computer stopped syncing 10/8/19. The other stopped syncing 2/16.20. The one that stopped syncing in February had been offline for several month. I was advised to go into credentials and be sure the info was up to date. There was a password in there that I can't remember. I also noticed something else. The user address was incorrect but only beacuse I happened to change it just yesterday also. So I changed the user address, deleted the password on my main computer. I tried to do the same on the other computer but there was no name in the user box and I left the password blank but it wouldn't let me sign out that way. On this journey to getting syncing started again I see mentioned that OneNote needs to be on One Drive. That was never the way things before. My OneNote is not on One Drive. Please help me or point me in another direction for help. Thank you.
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