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Default How to highlight points on a slide as they are being discussed

OS = win 10 and 8.1
Office = 2007 home and student

I am currently discovering powerpoint. If it is possible, I would like to have a recorded narration for each slide and have the slides text populate the slide when it is opened and then highlight the relevant point/text when the relevant narration for a given point is playing.

So e.g.
  1. The slide is selected which reveals a blank page.
  2. The page contents appear.
  3. The narration starts.
  4. As the narration plays and moves through each point on the slide the relevant text is bold with increased font
I have figured out how to have an animation populate the slide and have found (but not yet tested) the Record Narration function, but I can’t figure out how to have the narrations relevant text highlight and then return to the original format as the narration moves to the next point... Can this be done?

I have thought I could make each point on the slide a separate item (i.e. not a series of bullet points in one text box) and record a wav file for each point then attach it to the relevant point as a transition sound. But how would I then have the font change for the duration of the transition sound and then return to the original format.

Any help is appreciated

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