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Originally Posted by p45cal View Post
I'm not sure this'll give that, shouldn't it be (D6-C6)/C6 ?
I've assumed later months are to the right.
This can be shortened to:

Anyway, I leave that to you by tweaking that bit in these formulae.
Using the same basis for finding the last month:
This will give the wrong answer if you have any or more of the following in the cells to the left of last entry:
  • spaces/blank cells
  • errors
  • zeroes
  • negative numbers
  • text
Significantly safer, but longer and more difficult to maintain:

Thank you so much p45cal! The formula works perfectly (and of course you were right I had made a mistake in my 5th grade % formula).

Just to give you some background, I am setting up a report to show telephony call, duration and cost data. Then from that average duration and average cost per call. I want to have charts for a visual representation.

I have tried to set up my sheet to populate all the different tabs from a single source for two and a half years.

Problem is when I have formulas looking for data from the other sheets it assumes the next column has zero and I get a Div/0 error. How do I get the formula to remove the zero if there is no data?

In your debt, Graeme
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