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Originally Posted by macropod View Post
Perhaps you'd care to explain why you're not using Word's bookfold layout?
the main reason is that I did not think that it would do what I want. As I explained earlier I want to use both sides of a folded A4 sheet of paper multiple times so that I can stitch and glue the edges together to make a complete book. I want page numbers at the bottom of each page numbered in the correct order for each of the flowed in text boxes. I briefly played with the bookfold layout but on the short test that I did I could not make it do that.

I have come into using Word for a booklet via Serif PagePlus which is a DTP programme that does exactly what I want but with the drawback that not everyone can read its extension. Exporting PagePlus files to pdf does not easily allow double sided printing.

Maybe I will have to look at Publisher, which I have but used very little, but that is yet another programme to learn and at 81 years old not easy to do.

Thank you for your interest.
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