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I appreciate both these replies and in response to Guessed I think I may have not explained my layout correctly. Imagine an A4 sheet folded in half across its longest edge. Page 1 is the first you see, then open it up for pages 2 and 3, then turn it over for page 4. That is what I meant and how I have done it for years in Serif's Page Plus programme. Being a DTP programme text can be placed anywhere and it has always worked for me. However PagePlus is a very old programme, its output extension is not widely recognised and has its problems with Win 10 even in compatibility mode and I am trying to switch to Word.

Charles Kenyon may have hit on a solution with using Caption, something I have never used so I am going to try that first.

Lastly I have Publisher, only played around with it so I must study it and see if that might be a better solution.

Thanks again, glad I joined the Forum
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