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Default Adding numbers outside a text box

I am writing a multi page document on Landscape A4 pages with two text boxes side by side on each page. On Page 1 I want number 1 under the far right text box and 4 under the text box on the left side. On page 2 I want number 2 under the left text box and 3 under the right text box. Text will flow from box 1 to 2 then 3 then 4. This sequence needs to repeat from page to page with the appropriate page number under each text box.

I can flow the text easily but I keep getting lost as I go back and forth which is why I need to number the text boxes.

Just asking for page numbers does not help.

Anyone know how I can do what I want.

Incidentally each A4 page will be printed on both sides then folded in half glued along the edge and put together in a booklet form.

Any advice?

Win 10 and Office 2010
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