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Default AutoCorrect list is not being added-to

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016, v2002, build 12527.20278 ‘Click-to-Run'. Monthly Channel, installed November 2017.

In Word if I change the language at the bottom from ‘English (UK)’ to ‘French (France) and then start to type in the French language some words will AutoCorrect but a lot will not. I know this is because the words are not in the AutoCorrect list but I would like Word to automatically add these words to the list during the spell check process?

If I do a spell check I am given the option to correct each word but this is laborious and Word does not remember my choices so I have to do the same thing again for every document I type in French.

“Language” is set to “Detect language automatically” and AutoCorrect is set to “Automatically use suggestions from the spell checker” but it seems to be ignoring the spell checker. Why doesn’t the spell checker automatically add the wrong and the corrected word to the AutoCorrect list?

Q1 - Is there a way to make Word spell checker add the wrong and the corrected word to the AutoCorrect ‘Replace:’ ‘With:’ word list so that the problem does not reappear?
Q2 - Is there anything else I can try or is this a bug which we have to accept?

Thanks in advance.

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