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Angry Stop Connectors and Annotations from auto-connecting to my border

I draw complex electronic schematics. When I am re-positioning a line and attempting to connect it to two devices it will auto-snap to the drawing border even with the toggle snap turned off. If I drag a reference box with an arrow from Annotations the arrow will snap to the border. Each time I want to re-position any annotation I have to Toggle snap and glue off or it will just go where it wants. This behavior did not always exist. I have turned off everything I can find in an effort to get this annoying behavior to go away.

Can someone, maybe with MS Visio team please tell me what this feature is for and why it magically appeared a while back and how to get rid of it forever on all my templates? I am sure that there are some types of drawings where this feature is helpful but it definitely is not for me. The number of keystrokes or mouse clicks to make a drawing behave is ridiculous.
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