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Default Commercial Distribution of Word Templates and VBA Macros


I’m looking into commercially distributing some Word templates and supporting macros. I’ve started talking to a company about what to do with regards drafting some sort of software license, and their first question is am I sure I *can* commercially distribute templates and macros without Microsoft having some sort of ‘derivative works’ (I think they said) claims. Well – yes, I assume! I’ve had a look through various EULAs, the Microsoft Community Promise, the Microsoft Open Specification Promise and various other things, and I haven’t been able to find a statement that in effect says “any macro or template that you create using Microsoft Word is yours to distribute”. Anyone looked at this before and can point me towards something?

(To clarify, the end user needs their own licensed copy of Word to use the templates/macros on. I'm not intending to distribute Word itself in any shape or form.)

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