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Default Loop part of a video

I have inserted a video onto a PPT slide.

- At a certain point the video has to pause automatically, so I inserted a bookmark and triggered a pause to the bookmark.
- During that pause a small part of the video should be playing in loop, so I made a copy of the video, trimmed it to the part that needs to loop, made it 'Hide While Not Playing' and had that second video start playing at the bookmark of the first video.
- When the presenter clicks to resume the first video, the second video stops and the first video resumes.

So far so good.

But now I have been asked this: when the presenter clicks to resume the first video (which can take place in any moment of the looping video), he would like the looping video to end its sequence before disappearing.

Does anyone have an idea if and how this is possible in PPT?

Thank you!
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